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Puppy pulled her small figure from under her sleeping Master’s heavy arm, careful not to wake him. She yawned and took a moment to admire his body in the morning sunlight that escaped the drawn shade– the smooth and muscular curves of his back, and the boyishly curly hair framing his face– before forcing herself to sit up and begin her day. The arm that he had slung over her in his sleep had collapsed without her body’s support, and with loving care adjusted it into a more comfortable position, so he wouldn’t wake up with a cramped tendon in his wrist. Master preferred his Puppy to sleep naked, allowing him to satiate himself in her any time he awoke with the desire. Despite the pillow lines pressing into her breasts this morning, she was happy with her body in both form and function, and stretched it luxuriously. Her skin was still tan and smooth from the summer, and against the white sheets she glowed.

Her bare feet made sticky noises on the tile floor as she made her way into their apartment’s small kitchen. She checked the microwave clock, just to make sure she had awoken on time. Yup, 5:30 am. Though she wasn’t by any means a natural morning person, Master had trained her to wake up just in time to make him some breakfast before she nudged him awake herself.

The cereal bowls were tucked into the highest corner of the cupboard, so Puppy had to balance on her tip toes to pull one out. Next came the Frosted Flakes, which she poured into the bowl in a heaping helping. Master was an active man and needed a hearty breakfast to prepare himself for his stressful work days, and Puppy was happy to oblige him. Puppy took her bare breast in her hand and squeezed it, sending a squirt of milk directly into Master’s cereal.

It had taken courage for Puppy to admit to her Master that the idea of being milked like a bitch made her wet, but to her surprise and delight it was a fantasy that he shared. He bought her a breast pump, and waited patiently for the milk to come. He would torture her by affixing it to her nipple and letting it suckle her while he fucked her slowly, to avoid dislodging the pump. That was their nightly ritual for weeks, and it left her nipples so sore and tender that even the sheets on their bed rubbed them unpleasantly. Eventually, her breasts became heavier and larger and the pump finally coaxed out milk. Master loved to suck her nipples dry, or was sometimes in the mood to just watch as she sucked on them herself. Then he had the idea to add to her morning routine: in addition to making him breakfast and helping him get ready for work, she would be making him cereal with her own breast milk from now on.

It didn’t bother Master that the milk streaming out of her nipple was as warm as her body, or that by the time she was done milking herself some of the cereal was soggy. She added a spoon and brought it to him where he was sleeping, gently shaking him awake and placing the bowl in his hands.

“Thank you, Puppy,” were his first words that day. He sat up on the edge of the bed and spooned the cereal into his mouth. Puppy kneeled between his legs with her head resting on his thigh, basking in his happiness. Just like every morning, he reached over to the nightstand and grabbed her collar where she had left it before bed. It was a sturdy play collar made for large dogs, and had a D-ring as its only decoration. She lifted her long hair out of the way so he could buckle it around her neck. He rubbed her head absently once or twice, knowing the effect that head-rubbing had on his Puppy. Her eyes fluttered shut and her entire body relaxed, and in response she planted affectionate licks on his thigh. This sent blood rushing to his cock, which became a bulge in his boxers. Master ordered, as he did most mornings, “Wake up my thick cock, Puppy.”

Puppy drew his cock from his boxers and licked it hard and wet, gliding her tongue around his shaft, before she took his entire cock down her throat. He hummed softly in approval as she continued to bob up and down, taking all of him on every thrust. Master had patiently trained her to deep-throat him, and he was pleased with the results. He finished his cereal with a slurp and set the empty bowl down on the bed, and grabbed her by the hair to throat-fuck her exactly how he liked.

“You make me so happy, Puppy,” he cooed. “You love pleasing your Master, don’t you? You do a very good job, Puppy, the way you take my cock while you’re kneeling at my feet. I’m so glad that you make my cereal just how I like it, with milk from your own tits. Never forget that that’s my collar on you, bitch.” Puppy would have answered with a breathless “yes” to all of his questions if her mouth hadn’t been full of cock. Her pussy was beginning to drip onto her crossed ankles.

She expected him to shoot his load down her throat as usual, but this morning was different. He popped her mouth off his cock and said, “Turn around, Puppy. All fours.”

She turned and bent over, offering him her pussy or her luscious ass for him to use. He dropped to his knees on the ground behind her, and with a tell-tale click, fastened her leash to her collar. He doubled up the leash in his fist, making sure that he could control her with the slightest of movements. Puppy waited in suspense while he fondled one of her heavy breasts. He pulled her leash sharply as he thrust his cock into her tight pussy. She couldn’t help but growl and moan as his cock filled her perfectly: she loved her Master, and she loved his cock.

“I’m coming, Puppy,” he said through his clenched teeth. “I’m gonna… I’m coming…” His moans dissipated into breathless gasps as he filled her pussy with his pearly cum. He lay slumped over her body for a couple seconds before coming back to reality, and remembering their tight morning schedule. “Stand up,” he said.

Puppy just wanted to curl up into a spent ball and go back to sleep, but she obeyed his orders and stood demurely before him, hands crossed behind her back. He pulled her forward by the leash, and her movement sent his jizz oozing down her thighs. His thick fingers squeezed a nipple, and milk dribbled down her front as well.

“You don’t get cleaned up until after I do,” he said. She squirmed– the feeling of bodily fluids dripping down her bare skin was unfamiliar and unpleasant. His cum was making its way down towards her knees, and she was worried that before he was out of the shower, there would be a puddle on the floor. “Eggs and orange juice, Puppy. Now.”

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