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I know I’m a couple of days behind here, but forgive me– SlutLyfe is brand new and there were other things I wanted to write first.

New York passed the bill to legalize gay marriage on June 24, but the policy didn’t come into effect until July 25. I’m surprised that it even took NY as long as it did– think of all the homos in the City that had their lives changed today!

I signed a petition once promising not to get married until gay marriage was legal. I think it was for the whole country, but I’m not going to nit-pick because I am not planning on getting married at all, ever. However, I will admit that I now have a nagging desire to abuse my new rights by marrying a girl just because I can. I’m sure J wouldn’t mind– he’s even qualified to preside over the ceremony.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the first gay marriages. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! I must admit, however, that in some cases the fashion choices leave me utterly bewildered.

Rod & Rickey from the Broadway musical Avenue Q!

I am really, really attracted to the one on the right.

If you are one of the happy people that can get married now, congratulations!