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Meet my hat. My hat is my best friend. When I cross-dress (which is often) I put my long girl-hair into pigtails and tuck them up into it. It works like a charm.

The idea was first given to me by somebody on Fetlife; I do not remember who. The problem was, my girl-hair is so otherworldly thick and disagreeable that I can’t just shove it into a knit hat or a baseball cap– even if it stayed put, I’d look like I had growths protruding from my cranium. So somebody told me I should get a Rasta hat. I went to the local head shop, where one of J’s friends was selling her handmade crocheted creations and bought this one. Not exactly a Rasta hat, but absolutely perfect for me.

I love my hat because it is at least marginally stylish in addition to doing its duty in keeping my hair hidden. Also, hats just feel really good on your head. šŸ™‚