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In case you’re not aware, WordPress* has a “pingback” system that notifies the original writer when someone uses his or her post elsewhere. It also provides a service to automatically find articles related to your posts. I use it, but only to link internally to my own older posts.

Obviously, most of the people who cite posts from my blog as related articles are not actually reading the posts. I got one pingback from a kids’ party blog (the article was about saving cost by doing gender neutral birthday parties), and another from a post about how to get discount pet supplies. For actual pets.

I warned the kids’ party site, because I didn’t want to somehow seem like an advocate of pedophilia in our increasingly hysterical world, but I left the pet one alone. Partially to increase m’ stats, but mostly because I am laughing my ass off just imagining peoples’ faces when they come here looking for collars and leashes and get more than they bargained for…

* evil snicker *

(Also, I would like to mention that I have had blogs on Livejournal, Blogger, and WordPress, and WordPress is by far the best.)