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SlutLyfe is not my first blogging adventure, but it is what I originally envisioned blogging about.

My interest in the blogosphere began with my discovery of The Kinkster’s Guide, the chronicle of a husband and wife in a D/s relationship. I admired them and their insight so much that I even skipped meals to keep reading. It led me to other blogs written by people whose dynamic I really admire (see my blogroll), and whet my appetite even further for a D/s relationship of my own. However, at that point I was just beginning my relationship with J and I didn’t feel that we were comfortable enough with each other to be writing about our sex life, and he’s not the type to require me to blog. So I made a different blog, about other freaky things, and I’ve been maintaining it for about six months. However, I never lost that voyeuristic fascination with sex bloggers and what they have to offer.

Sex bloggers, in my experience, are all so insightful and open and intelligent that n00bs, including myself, can really benefit from the in-depth analysis and the descriptions of the possibilities that bloggers have to offer. Blossoming subs or queers or polyamorists can benefit greatly from any and all personal accounts of their lifestyle, because so seldom do they meet in person informed people who share their choices and interests. I have often wished for someone to come along to show me that my choices are okay. Yes, there is my love of writing (I’m a Creative Writing major; did you know that?) and the desire for validation. I also have a tendency to get really geeky and intellectually curious about the various types of hedonism I participate in. But really, if I’m gonna get all high-and-mighty on your ass, I blog to help others realize that they’re not alone.