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Day 1 – Your sexual orientation or gender identity. Be creative in your definition.

I am pansexual, though I will describe myself as bisexual to laypeople who require more shorthand. I am physically attracted to women almost exclusively, although most of my sexual relationships have been with men.

I prefer the term pansexual over bisexual now, after realizing that I am also very attracted to trans and/or intersex people. To me, it’s different than being “gender-blind” though some people describe it as such. If someone else is attracted to “people and not bodies” then cool, they are a saint. I am a human, and I am therefore at least a little shallow– I am attracted to people who are attractive. But my definition of what is attractive is a lot broader than most peoples’, and includes among other things people who like to read and people who cross-dress and people who are too skinny– but no variety of genitals or gender identity is a deal-breaker.

I also think of myself as gender variant, which I am still exploring despite having written about it in-depth elsewhere. I am not planning on surgery, or name change, or what have ye, but I do feel masculine or neutral at least as much as I feel female and I like to be related to as such.