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Day 4 – The first person you came out to and that story.

I was talking to an internet friend on AIM after the shift during which I met the Alexa Vega girl, and as I was telling her about it I realized that I definitely liked women. So she heard all my thoughts at the very moment that I realized I was bisexual. I think she said, “duh.”

That night, I had a sleepover with my lesbian friend and came out to her. I ran up to her room while she was hanging out with another friend, plopped down my backpack, and said, “Guess what? I figured out I’m gay.” I knew that she was attracted to me but I was never attracted to her, and so sleeping in the same bed together that night wasn’t as good of an introduction to women as it could have been. But having all that immediate support made a big difference in my confidence in coming out to others.

I told my boyfriend-at-the-time, who I had been dating for only a short while, and he said he already knew. That is how obvious it was to everyone but me.