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In case you guys didn’t know, I am not only a manic blogger but a disciple of a variety of forms of writing. As a Creative Writing major, I am biding my time improving my craft so that maybe when I am forced to graduate I won’t have to live in a box… for very long. Usually I am hesitant to post my own serious writing because of the legal issues that might ensue if I ever had the opportunity to publish it, but I don’t think there’s really a market for a poem like this. I hope you enjoy it as a little change of pace. No animals or submissives were harmed in the drafting of this piece… but a little in the revision.

The Threat

Your fingers trace my tendons tenderly but claw-deep,
from earlobe to collarbone, brushing the carotid, calculated
–your muscles tight and your eyes
like a lightning storm
catching mine in the static arc.
From between your skeletal teeth you growl
a love song for the conjugation of my sinew
coagulating under your fingernails
and holy hallelujah, I believe–
The epiglottis catches and sends a gasp churning
down my entrails to rest at the nerve hive beneath,
mortality pulsing deliciously, salivating
as for the taste of fresh flesh.


This is not a drill, soldier, this is not forty lashings
naked and bent by the wash basin, this is
the dreaded inevitable settling like stone across my windpipe,
a taste of the infinite like blood on the tongue
and the final penetration that I pleaded for


Outside, a Monarch shielded from the painful bright sun
by the shadow of my shoe
attempts to sink its proboscis
into the cobblestones.