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With another woman held tightly in his arms, J gives an offhand order to kneel at his feet and take out his cock. She watches eagerly as his cock plunges in and out between my lips, guiding me with her fingers wound tightly in my hair, and goading him on to orgasm. I can’t help but picture greeting her after class the next day, and whether she’ll be picturing me in submission as we eat lunch together.

Or, while out to dinner with a friend, he’ll scratch my head like the Puppy I am, making me happily immobile, and then invite our company to join in, making me unable to hold eye contact with either of them without blushing shamefully.

Humiliation something I’ve always craved, but genuine humiliation really is genuinely humiliating. I think I could deal with whatever degradation J wanted to put me through, but once other people are added into the equation, I get all distracted by the publicity of it. When with J and others in the know, I tend to be much brattier than I would otherwise, just to maintain a little bit of normalcy in the impending taboo weirdness of submitting to others besides just J. I’ve gotten reprimanded numerous times, but it’s so ingrained that it’s hard to let up!

Time will tell if I’ll be able to get over my embarrassment to experience one of my favorite fantasies. I might be having more chances soon to explore this. I’ll let you know how it goes!